A little bit about our preschool program we are starting….

I thought everyone would like to know a little more about the program I am using for my preschoolers! The whole reason that I started this blog in the first place.
I will be using the Time 4 Learning preschool program! For those that have preschoolers, it is something to consider as either a preview to a homeschool program, a good preschool program or just a fun way for your child to get computer intro and some basic learning in one!
I will be the first to tell you I adore T4L! My teenage boys use it and have for the past 3 homeschool years! And once again in Fall 2011 we will be using it again as our main homeschool curriculum!

Here is the statement from T4L site about their preschool program:
When is my child ready to use Time4Learning’s Online Preschool Program?
No previous knowledge is pre-supposed, and it is meant for pre-readers. The developers of the activities had the abilities of a young child in mind, including:

  • Playful, colorful artwork
  • Auditory instructions and descriptions
  • Buttons that are large enough for small hands to click easily

The only skills required by the child are that he or she is able:

  • To use a computer mouse
  • To understand and to follow simple auditory directions, such as “Choose . . .,” “Which one . . . ” and “Match . . .”There are also 2 levels available on the preschool program:The Time4Learning Preschool is comprised of two learning levels, based on difficulty:
  • Level one includes fewer and easier commands and options.
  • Level two is primarily intended for learners who can understand and follow multiple commands with a greater number of options.There are lots of themes as well, so it can engage any child:Some examples of themes: school supplies, the alphabet, numbers, shapes, fruits, colors, food, farm animals, and tools

So, needless to say with 4 very different little boys who are all very excited… I think this will be a great experience! We will be starting on Level one since they are all new to the computer, new to the mouse, new to learning like this. I can and will advance them as needed but I think that it will take them awhile before that happens!
So please check back often on our continuing T4L adventures of preschoolers day by day!!
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