Snow Theme! Let it snow….let it snow….let it snow!

     Well, in the Pacific Northwest…we do not always get a lot of snow in the city. Which is unfortunate from a kid’s standpoint because nothing is more magical than snow! Even my teens get excited when it snows!


So, in hopes that we do get some flurries at least OR can at least simulate snow…..January is our Snow Theme month! We go craft and holiday crazy from Halloween through Christmas so by the time January rolls around we kind of like to chill and do some toned down things. That is where our snow month comes in! We get out the snow books, makes lots of cool snowmen crafts and even get to play with ice and fake snow!

My favorites are making a snowman with shaving cream and glue on dark paper! It smells good, it is cheap, easy and fun! Add a little glitter and it dries to look like real snow.  Here are the steps!

  • Get a piece of dark paper, dark blue or black work best.
  • Trace 3 circles onto the paper with a white crayon. I use small, medium and large plastic lids to get the desired sizes. Make sure you leave enough room on sides for kids to add arms!
  • Mix equal parts of CHEAP shaving cream, NOT the gel kind….the old fashioned white foam kind  and school glue. So NOT use a lot of shaving cream as a lot of it goes a long way. And you will end up tossing it.
  • Give the kids a paintbrush and have them fill in the circles with the foamy paint. The fluffier they leave it, the fluffier it dries.
  • While wet, if you desire shiny….sprinkle with white or iridescent glitter.
  • Let dry overnight.
  • Add google eyes, arms, buttons, etc.


This week’s craft is the same starting concept of drawing circles on dark paper with a white crayon. Then we are using BUBBLE WRAP folded into a pouncer shape and dipped into white paint. They then fill in the circles with the paint covered bubble wrap. It creates a great texture. Once dry, we will add the embellishments of eyes, buttons and arms!

And I found this great sensory activity for playing with ice! Which we are doing this week as well!

Do you have any ICE or SNOW activities you like to do?

Stay tuned for further adventures of Preschoolers Day by Day!