Wrapping up the school year!

When I was a kid, nothing was better than finishing the school year. It was a feeling of being done, freedom for Summer and an accomplishment.
As an adult who not only homeschools her own children but also conducts preschool for her daycare kiddos… I have a HUGE satisfaction when our school year is over.

I LOVE teaching them, all of them, from August to June but by this time of year we have all reached burnout.

My homeschoolers finished 2 weeks ago.
The daycare kiddos wrapped it up with the letter Z TODAY.
We are done for 2 months.

We will concentrate on enjoying the yard, playing outside, getting some much needed Vitamin D and just letting our brains breathe.

We loved our annual jaunt with Time4Learning for both homeschool high school and homeschool preschool levels.

We used a lot of worksheets this year as well. It was a great thing for the kiddos to have in their hand to take home.

They were thrilled to do their schoolwork every week. They were just as thrilled to finish it up today. First thing they both announced to their parents!

We look forward to fun and adventure for the next 2 months!
Stay tuned for it here on Preschoolers Day by Day!