Creating a Gnome House!

So, fairy houses are ALL THE RAGE now!

I think they are adorable.

I have a great play area outside.
Except for one issue. The neighbors behind us have a cherry tree, the LARGEST cherry tree I have ever seen. It is about 35-40 feet high. I am NOT kidding. It is HUGE.
Unfortunately, because of the size… it has roots that protrude into our backyard.
They have left some foot tripping root balls.
I have had several kids trip over them. Nobody has gotten seriously injured but….. I was not willing to take that chance.

Last year I asked my husband to make little houses to go over them. He tried to make them really cute octagonal shaped ones and after a day of him losing his mind with angles…. I had him put it away for another day. Then the Summer 2015 heat wave started and that was the end of that.

Well, after our rabbit decided he would rather live with his chicken harem which is now just an animal habitat.¬†for all of my critters… his dog house turned rabbit house was empty and sitting there.

About $20 later and some inspiration… we have what started as a fairy house but was turned into a gnome house because of the size. No way would a fairy live in a dog house sized house. Heck, the door alone is HUGE for a fairy.

So, now a Gnome and his pet moose live there.
If this rain would ever stop, the kids would get to go out to play and meet him!

Stay tuned for further adventures of Preschoolers Day by Day!