How to get kids to eat their vegetables! Teach them about farm to table!

One of the major complaints of a lot of parents is getting their kids to eat vegetables.

I am all for hiding them. Yep, there are usually the standard kid loved kinds like carrots and corn but things like zucchini and broccoli are not as easy to get them to try and most especially EAT!

I am notorious for getting kids to try and end up liking a lot of vegetables(and fruits) that their parents have proclaimed that they do not eat at home!

How do I do it?

Is it a miracle?


You teach kids about gardening!

Farm to Table!

When kids get involved in the raising of their food, kids are more inclined to try food that that they worked hard for.

I have raised beds, kids are involved from seed to harvest and then we make something with them to eat! Can you say PLANT LESSON! We use it for our homeschool curriculum lesson as well. Teach the teenagers while I teach the youngsters!
This time was zucchini!

I planted 4 seedlings in a new raised bed we installed on the daycare side of the yard! They are nice big plants, have large leaves and blooms that are easy to observe bees at work! Plus they grow fast and a lot!

Check out our harvest last week!
Kids helped watch, water and pick. Even carried them in and were really excited for me to create bread for our breakfast the next day using the zucchini they helped raise along with fresh eggs from the chickens they talk to daily!





Preschool 2.0!

So, even though changes are happening. I have 2 boys who are smart little whips! They blew through our basic stuff all Spring and early Summer.

I knew that I needed to expand our day to keep them enthusiastic about school.

So, after much research, I chose a printable curriculum to add to our daily Time4Learning preschool lessons. Yes, we did printables last year but it was what I found here and there, not a laid out 10 month crafts, theme, lessons, books, etc. day. I have learned that I am too busy with these kids AND homeschooling AND my online work AND running a childcare AND running a house to make sure I get it all covered.

This has a theme for the month, with letters, numbers, shapes, etc. you are working on. Craft ideas with supplies needed and directions, books that you can use along with the theme, printables, circle time songs, ideas for sensory bins, etc. I am really pleased and excited to try it.

We will be reviewing all our T4L lesssons but will be jumping around so that we can use them along with our hand work and it should go together.

We start next Tuesday! I have the first 3 days aka next Tues-Thurs planned out and bought the few supplies I did not have. Changed a few things around to suit my kiddos AND found a few more ideas on Pinterest! LOVE Pinterest!

Trying to decide if I want to get a lesson planner so I don’t have to scribble all over the teacher handbook for this program. Then I can write down what I am adjusting this year, additions, etc.

Next week is Welcome to school, creating our face(still need to grab a couple of cheap mirrors for this) in a craft, apples and the letter A. I need to get a couple of different apples this weekend for us to taste and graph as well. And print all the stuff out for the week.

Stay tuned for further adventures of Preschoolers Day by Day and updates on HOW our preschool year goes! Cross your fingers!